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Can Use Today
We offer the most complete course package in the country . Learn More
17th Dec 2019
Students numbering 6, who were beneficiaries of quality education and excellent sports mentorship provided at Delhi Public School Sagar. Learn More
Learn New Skills You
Can Use Today
We offer the most complete course package in the country . Learn More
Learn New Skills You
Can Use Today
We offer the most complete course pakage in the country . Learn More
*डीपीएस सागर की धमाकेदार जीत*
अंडर 17 बालक वर्ग के फाइनल में सेन्ट मेरी स्कूल सागर को हराया
अडर 17 बालक वर्ग के फाइनल मैच में डीपीएस सागर की टीम ने सेन्ट मेरी स्कूल सागर को रोमाचक मुकाबले में 25-23, 25-16 से करारी मात दी। Learn More

Delhi Public School Alumni Form

Dear students,

Greetings from the school.

This form aims to keep the students forever connected to us as part of DPS family.

Please fill in the details below.


“An entire lifespan is too short to serve in the field of education” but to serve our best that sets a benchmark for others is something we excel at. We at first started with a vision to provide education, that is innovative and impactful to create an environment for kids that nurtures them and develops their skills to become efficient for the dynamic world outside. The curriculum at DPS Sagar and Makronia is a balanced blend of subjects that align with all levels of learning and adhere to the guidelines specified by CBSE, New Delhi.

Our Vision

Provide emotional stability for children to learn with Confidence, Encourage children to explore experiments & expert themselves. Stimulate creative & critical thinking skills & learning through varied experiences. 

Our Philosophy

Our objective is to mould our students to be unique children who will excel in a diverse & multi-cultural society. To promote creativity among the students emphasizing quality education.


Admissions Form (#1)

DPS Sagar 2019-2020 Results

Heartiest Congratulations!!!

“Your perseverance and your sincere belief in the school along with your abilities has led you to success… and making us proud being “Sagar Top School” “

DPS Scholars Class- XII (2019-20)

DPS Scholars Class- X (2019-20)

JEE Main Exam Selection 2019-20

National Analytical Aptitude Test 2019

National Science Olympiad 2019


Beautiful Sketch's by DPS Sagar Students Activities!!!

“Beautiful Sketch’s & Arts Design by DPS Sagar Students “


Making learning fun is a sure way we get our kids at DPS Sagar to remember information. Fun means engagement, doing and learning what has meaning and purpose, and it means being challenged.


Our library offered to students is one of our most highlighted facilities. It's packed with books of all subjects that a student might be interested to read.


DPS Sagar is one of the best CBSE school's, offering high - end facilities to staff, including latest teaching aids and stress-free life.


Construction play is a valuable learning tool for kids. We provide printable building activities & more for kids. For growing their important STEM skills.


Child Centred
Innovative Approach

Child Centred
Individual attention to each child

Child Centred

Fostering 21st Century Skills


Choose what you are looking for? Pre Primary, Day Care, Grade 1-8

Performing Arts

Children take part in music, dance and drama as a regular part of their routine at DPS Sagar. These skills are actively used to aid delivery of academic learning as well. It helps children to develop originality, express creatively…

  • Age Group 2-5 Years
  • Child:Teacher Ratio25 : 2

Visual Arts

Involving children in art and craft promotes self-expression, encourages creativity and fosters the ability to deal with various mediums. It nurtures love for creativity and the ability to express, welcome new ideas, take feedback and implement the same.

  • Age Group 5-10 years
  • Child:Teacher Ratio30:1


A child at DPS Sagar spends about 40 min engaging with sports on a daily basis. Along with developing skills like focus & stamina building sports is a wonderful grooming ground for nurturing discipline, hardwork, dedication, respect & mental stimulation…

  • Age Group 2 – 9 years
  • Child:Teacher Ratio12 :1

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One who possesses good moral values, respect for others and is socially competent.

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Why to Choose DPS Sagar?

It is one of the TOP Performing Schools in the CBSE Board Examinations. Many students of our school are All India Rank Holder with 98.6% and above in CBSE Board Examinations.

Our school has an explicit department for student’s career counselling which helps the students to explore various career options and provides them career-related guidance.

We believe that teaching is much beyond classroom learning. As a part of our organic learning curriculum, each student has to undergo a training of 30 hours in a respective field of his/her choice.

 Our school is open to welcome students from across the globe to intern in various departments of the school ranging from Sports to IT, music, performing arts, Art, Photography, Science and what not.









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