After seeking an admission in any school, the quest to find out whether the teaching level of the school is apt according to their child always remains a doubtful and burdensome task to resolve for the parents. DPS is an only explorer and pioneer that comes up with the most precise, resolved and easiest way to find an answer to the question that the syllabus taught by the school is understood by the student or not and up to what extent, by getting incorporated to the most effective educational initiative with a company, which has global presence in India, through ASSET TEST.

The ASSET stands for assessment of Scholastic skills through educational testing. It is a scientifically designed based assessment test. Instead of rot learning it uses multiple choice questions for measuring the comprehensive level of a student. The test also provides information on the strength and weaknesses of each student and the entire class. The asset test is provided for classes III-X with its core subjects as Science, English and Mathematics whereas the optional subjects include Social Studies and Hindi.

DPS is the only school that has initiated this hassle-free process that can provide feedback on real learning that not only allows students to know their stand but also provide teachers with insight into where exactly the students area has to be worked on to improve the academic standard of each child. It also provides concrete ideas for improving assessment methods. Apart from the pen and paper version, Asset is also offered as a dynamic online test. ASSET dynamic is a new age technology-driven assessment program that evaluates students based on a modern probabilistic testing theory. The benefits of this test are immediate reports, easy online access to report, faster remediation, flexible test dates, and fewer logistic hassles. By getting associated with this company DPS has become a homesteader for self-assessment and self-improvement.