Sports, Health and Physical Education The most crucial and compelling scenario for todays parenting is to keep their children physically and mentally healthy and nurtured in this stressful, competitive and surroundings affected from advancements. DPS is a leadoff and foremost step taker for providing the exact resolution for this conflict through our association with The Sports Gurukul which is Mumbai’s first of its kind physical education, professional sports and fitness development and training organization with a whole sole vision and objective to see maximum children live a healthy and active life style not only during childhood but throughout their life and also help children to pursue sports as a career.

DPS focus on overall development of every student, launched the practices of physical development through a selected sport and mental growth through Yoga and Meditation practices with Sports Gurukul Program.

We conduct physical education classes in school through an integrated and systematically planned sports and physical education program. We also provide interaction with sport personalities to give suggestion and motivation to follow guidelines from their own role models. The reason behind the association of DPS with the Sports Gurukul is the realization of the difference of the traditional physical educational program and L2F systematic structured and integrated fitness program. While the former is designed to get children active for a day the latter gives them the tool, they need to remain active, fit and nurtured for their lifetime. L2F is to paraphrase an ancient Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

DPS is the only school in Sagar that provides the cutting edge to its students in the field of sports and physical education with The Sports Gurukul.

Special Physical Experience for Best Development of Children’s

Need to integrate quality physical Education into a Sports Program