Jolly Phonics, UK

  • A kinesthetic synthetic phonics pedagogy for grades K-5
  • UK government legislates to conduct ELT throw its pedagogy.
  • Curriculum based on stories, songs and Jingles.

Compass Publishing, USA/Korea/Japan

  • A communicative grammar course for Grade K-5 that focuses on practical English
  • Differentiated learning exercised included in the chapters.

Kids Creativity School, South Korea

  • Integrated art for whole brain learning
  • The content includes rhymes, stories, classical paintings, famous artists and music with art and craft.

Fitzroy Programs Pvt. Ltd., Australia

  • A 40-year-old synthetic phonics curriculum for grades K-5
  • ELT covered through stories and worksheets
  • curriculum focuses on comprehension and creative writing from very beginning
  • Also, a Math program, Fitzroy math, that is called a “God send gift” for both fast and stow learners.

Highlights for Children, INC, USA

  • Math mania puzzles help Math skills grow without stress
  • Puzzles fir practical things like estimating, measuring and calculating

Boyds and Mills Press, USA

• Award winning science fiction books, referred to as “Science with grace, sure to please and inform.